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"Is There Any"          
Written and Performed by  "Children"        

These sound tracks are provided only to share the beautiful melody of how this piece is to be sung. Like with all XIan muse, the words are modern, but the melody is quite ancient and will still evoke the same energies regardless of the language, if we did not separate them. The tracks are from different places and from different playings, which inhibits the joining of HCVs. So as not to hypnotize or enchant the listener, we have trimmed them down (just enough) to show you how the verses are recited. But, it still seems mesmerizing that we are listening to a barehanded, old Recco® folk nylon six string (played with only five), bent neck, beat up, warped, cracked, with an up rooted bridge mount. No microphone - No accompaniment - All recorded on the same pocket recorder from a bit of a distance.

*No one else is playing or singing and yet about 2-5% of the notes and chords are not even being played and some of the words that we hear are not even being sung. If you can't plainly hear the (Highlighted) stuff, then pipe the track through full size, full range house speakers and you will hear 
more than a five string and a bad singer.

In person the inertia is like something is soaring through you.
XIan physics calls it Hyper-Cascading Vortexes, just sound waves, no biggie.
We, at  'Behind The Scene!', call it....well....freaky.

"Children" just needs a lead singer that:
1) can sing,
2) can stay on key,
3) that won't conjure up beings from another dimension to play back up harmony.
Warning: the melodies of this song are XIan-Phonetic!
click the copyright symbol to hear the melodies of this prose


"Is There Any"   
Written and Performed by  " Children"


Truly Truly From My Kingdom To Earth's Inhabitants

Or At Least The Remnants Of Them.

The Ones.                      

                 That Are Still.

Still Their Seed Runs Among Us.

Some True - Some Lie.


Oh Ohhh
I'm Looking At A Picture Of One Of My Many Great Grandfathers.

He's A Beautiful Man.

The Moon Is A Necklace Around His Neck.

True Love Is In His Hand.

He's Got The Power Of the Eagles In Him.

Oh Ohhh
He's Got The Power Of Them In His Hair.

He's got The Holy Sacred Symbols

To Filter Out The Air.

(everything vibrated)
To Keep The Sounds In His Ear

Oh Ohhh
True To His Soul

Because He Knows This Is Only - This Is Only - This Life.

Oh Ohhh
We   Live.


This Is Only The Beginning.

This Is Just Your Start Into Eternity's Heart.

An Entire Universe Has To Accept You No Matter How You Be.

Through Out All That Is And Is Not.

There Are Two Kingdom's For Eternity.

One Kingdom Is Nought, It Is Set At Nought, It Is To Be Nought, It Recycles And What Is Is Nought.

Then There's The Other Kingdom

That's Why My Great Grandfather Has The Power Of Eagles In His Hair.


(it's not just the chord ringing, everything in the place is harmonizing. In person it makes you so dizzy that your eyes roll back.)
oormwrmm  oormwrmm                     
Hey Ohhh, Is There Any One Who Can Hear My Cry.

oormwrmm oormwrmm                                                
Hey Ohhh, Is There Any One Who Speaks My Language That's Left Alive.

oormwrmm  oormwrmm                  
Hey, Once In A While - Only Once In A While.

In Between The Smiles.

Is There Any One. Is There Any Truth.

Is There Any One Or Just Me And You.

Is There Some One Left Alive Who Remembers What Freedom Is.


Oh Oh Ohhh
( XI sang that one)

Is There Any One Left Standing.

Who Doesn't Have The Burning Mark,

In Their Head - In Their Heart - In Their Hand - In Their Heart.

Oh Oh Ohhh 
( I tell you the room and everything in it sang that one, you have to experience it to believe it.
 There were a lot more but that one still stands out clearly even on this sloppy track )

What's So Silly about Love.

What's So Silly About Care.

What's So Wrong About Power From Above.

You Tell Me What Is Death.

And I'll Show You What Is Life.

The Difference Between The Two Is.

One's Black And One Is White.


Can You Let Your Heart Understand Or Are You Swayed By The Color Of That Man.

Can't You Understand What It Is To Have A Heart, Mind, Two Eyes, And A Hand.

Is There Any One - Is There Any One - Or Am I Singing To My Self.

Is There Any One.  Is There Any Love.

Is There Any Sons  - Women Above.

Is There Any Hearts, Is There Any Tears,

That Are True  - That Are True.


Why Can't A Man Raise His Family According To His Heart And His Master

Why Must - He Must Stand

Say Vote And Cast A Little Piece Of Paper That Get Counted And Lost

Like All His Hopes And Dreams Some Worth The Costs

And Some Are Not Like Watching His Heart And His Family

Join The Machine!

Is There Any One - Is There Any Love

Is There Any Sons - Women Above

Is There Hearts - Is There Any Tears

That Are True - That Are True.


Is There Any Life Left In This Cage.

Look All We Embrace.

Look At What You've Done.

You've Turned A Lovely World Into Death.

If You Can't Sell It You Don't Want It.

If You Can't Change It Why Should It Exist.

Individuality's Fine.

So Long As It's Just Like You.

What Happened.


(and remember this was without a mic at ten feet, then I backed up a bit, spooky)
Is There Any One Who Can Fly Inside

'Cause I'm Telling You The Water Gets High

When The Floods Come And The Tanks Pull Up Out Side Your Door.

Eventually The Machine is going to Do Something That You Disagree With.

And Then The Devils In Your Backyard.

And You're Going to Run To The Fence And There's Going to Be No One There.

" Is There Any One "  Is What You're Going to Say

As They Take Your Childrens Away

As They.......

And They.......


(Note that this is not an electric guitar and it has only five strings. This sound is coming from all around like an echo)
Hey Oh Ohhh, Is There Any One Who Can Hear My Cry.

oormwrmm       oormwrmm                                      
Hey Oh Ohhh, Is There Any One Who Speaks My Language That's Left Alive.

oormwrmm                    oormwrmm        
Hey, Once In A While - Only Once In A While.

In Between The Smiles.
(Well, how would you spell it?)


"Why Can't.......Why Can't"

"And How Come - How Come"


"And Why Ask Why"

"When You Know What You Know - What You Know"

"And They Always Say What They Always Say"

"......You Know - You Know."


Is There Any One - Is There Any Love

Is There Any Sons Who Will Fly From Above

Is There Any Hearts, Is There Any Tears That Are True - That Are True.



©Children Records - A Nation of XI Communications Company

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Special Announcement!  House of XI Gathering at The Circle of One Love!

Show your support against racism, tyranny and injustices upon those whose voices don't get heard!

Where: House of XI's Great Sand Dunes Estate on the outskirts of Blanca Colorado.

When: Winter Solstice 2009 - Beginning December 20th - 22nd.

What: The Circle of One Love! A Five acre circle of holding hands and caring about one other for at least One Day, while the Sun is standing still. Let us bring forth a New and Better Year for what's left of the human race!

Why: Because Grace - ism Beats Racism!

Who: Hosted and Sponsored by Dr. XI Lee, The House of XI Council of Elders, and SXS Sisters of XI Sorority

And: Shuttles to Alamosa for food and supplies provided for those on foot.

Folks in Tents, Back Packs, Campers, Trailers, R.V.'s, Motor Homes, Cycles and Cars are all Welcome to attend this Unique Event commemorating Human Love and Acceptance towards one another. Help Keep Love Alive In Our Earth Wide Society. Let Us Know That You'll Be There Too!

Is There Any . . . Love!




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