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Standard Fee For Students In SKRI TECH'S Learn Maya Now Project!

$10 / Hour - $20.00 / Hour 


An example of Maya in common use!

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NURBS Modeling 


Polygonal Modeling 


Lesson: Revolving a curve to create a surface 
Create and revolve a profile curve 
Edit a revolved curve 


Lesson: Sculpting a surface 
Prepare a sphere for sculpting 
Increase surface highlights for easier sculpting 
Practice sculpting with basic features 
Practice additional techniques 
Create a nose 
Create eye sockets 
Create eyebrows 
Create a mouth 
Create other facial features 


Lesson: Lofting curves to create a surface 
Create curves as a foundation for a surface 
Duplicate curves to be lofted into the surface 
Loft the curves into the surface 
Create and modify a sphere to create a surface 


Lesson: Keyframing and the Graph Editor 
Open the scene and set the playback range 
Set beginning and ending keys 
Add intermediate keys 
Add keys to make a ball bounce 
Improve the motion with the Graph Editor 
Speed up the animation 
Tune the animation curve 
Remove static channels and excess keys 
Preview the animation with better speed and quality 


Lesson: Set Driven Key 
Set the playback range and create the objects 
Link attribute behavior with Set Driven Key 
Examine the driven key animation curve 


Lesson: Path animation 
Specify the path and frame range of an animation 
Change the orientation of a train on a path 
Raise the train above the path 
Change the train's speed along the path 
Reverse the train's course and play the animation at real speed 


Lesson: Trax Editor 
Set up the scene view for best viewing 
Create the character set 
Animate the character set attributes for an arcing motion 
Create a clip for the arcing animation 
Modify the motion with a new clip 
Merge the clips and edit attributes in the resulting clip 
Reuse a clip previously removed from the Trax Editor 


Lesson: Skeletons and kinematics 
Create joints for the legs 
Create joints for the spine and jaw 
Create joints for the arms 
Add ribs to the skeleton 
Parent the arm and leg joint chains to the spine 
Posing and animating the character 


Lesson: Smooth skinning 
Bind the skeleton with smooth skin 
See how skin weights influence the skin's deformation 
Modify skin weights 
Enhance skin deformation with an influence object 


Lesson: Clusters and Blend Shape 
Duplicate the face 
Create a cluster 
Edit cluster weights 
Create a blend shape 
Tune deformation effects 
Add another facial expression to the blend shape 


Lesson: Aim constraints 
Open the scene 
Create the aim constraint 
Adjust the orientation of the eyes 


Lesson: Rendering a scene 
Render a single frame and adjust shader values 
Use the standard renderer to check important frames 
Batch render the frame sequence to disk 
Play the rendered frame sequence 


Lesson: Shading surfaces 
Assign a shader material and set basic attributes 
Change specular highlights 
Change to a different material 
Assign a texture image 
Examine and edit your work in Maya's Hypershade editor 
Create a bump map texture within Hypershade 
Change the bump texture pattern by transforming it 


Lesson: Lights, shadows, and cameras 
Create a directional light 
Edit the directional light 
Create a spotlight 
Tune the spotlight's effect 
Create shadows 
Create a camera and frame the view of the table 
Animate the camera movement 


Lesson: Particles, Emitters, and Fields 
Create an emitter 
Create volume axis fields 
Adjust the velocity of the moving particles 
Setting the render type 
Add dynamic attributes 
Add per particle attributes 
Add color to the particles with a color ramp 
Hardware render the particles 


Lesson: Rigid Bodies and Constraints 
Create the geometry 
Position the geometry 
Create Hinge constraints 
Add a ball and gravity 
Change an active rigid body to passive 


Lesson: Painting on a 2D canvas with the Paint Effects Tool 
Painting strokes 
Modify settings of the default brush 
Modify the canvas 
Modify colors of a preset brush 
Specify which elements grow from a stroke with tubes 
Save the new brush settings as a preset brush 
Blend brushes 
Smear, blur, and erase paint 


Lesson: Painting 3D effects with the Paint Effects Tool 
Create a sphere and light 
Paint on a sphere 
Modify a stroke's attributes and copy to another stroke 
Create realistic shadows 
Have the second stroke share the first stroke's brush 
Make the strokes glow 
Apply a different brush to the strokes 
Animate strokes to make the paint advance along a path 


Lesson: Painting textures on a surface with the 3D Paint Tool 
Open and save the scene 
Prepare for painting 
Paint with an Artisan brush 
Reflect your paint strokes 
Flood the model with a single color 
Paint with different brush shapes 
Paint with a Paint Effects brush 
Smearing and blurring with Paint Effects brushes 
Paint a bump map texture 


Lesson: Creating a simple expression 
Create an expression to control a single attribute 
Edit the expression 
Control multiple attributes of an object 
Link multiple attributes of the same object 
Control attributes in two objects 


Lesson: Controlling attributes conditionally 
Create an expression to conditionally control an attribute 
Add other conditional statements to the expression 
Fix a problem in the expression 
Use an else statement instead of multiple if statements 
Make the expression easier to read 
Refine the animation 
Further refine the animation 


Lesson: Controlling particle attributes 
Create a particle object 
Use a creation expression to set a constant color 
Use a runtime expression to change color during playback 
Slow the change of color 


Lesson: MEL basics 
Use MEL commands 
Create a Shelf button for a sequence of commands 
Create and execute a script that creates a user interface 


Typical Tuition Fee Elsewhere Is $31.00 / Hour To Attend Most Group Courses

Private Typical Tutoring Fee Elsewhere Is $52.00 / Hour For Most Private Instruction

Standard Fee For Students In SKRI TECH'S Learn Maya Now Project!

$10 / Hour - $20.00 / Hour 



Le Conservatoire Superieur de Surprenant Connaissances!

SKRI TECH's Learn Maya Now! project is a fund raising mission to benefit the House of XI Conservatory in Southern Colorado.

 Le Conservatoire Superieur de Surprenant Connaissances  will feature Totally Free instruction in French, 
Russian, International Sign Language, Imperial Form Tai Chi Chuan, Music, and 
Maya 3D  Graphic Design. to area residents. Yes, Freely!



Have Maya Will travel.

Personal One on One Tutoring!

Portable Maya Environment Work Station!

You Do Not Need Maya Set Up On Your Systems To Learn!

Contact SKRI TECH Maya Tutoring at



Nation of XI Communications

Your Film, Our All Nations Audiences, Promotion, International Currency Payment Gateways and Accts! We Make Movies Scream Around The World! Pre or Post Production Mktg. and Dist. To Who Will Love It Most! International Associated Securities. Colorado Studio Line 312 - 623 - 1079

!mpossible Pictures

1617 Wazee St.
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-893-0900
Web Site:
!mpossible Pictures is the creative digital studio for networks, advertising and content located in the heart of LoDo. At our core we are a production and post production company. Comprised of a team of directors, designers, editors, animators, and visual effects artists, we produce commercials, network promos, and television content. 
!mpossible projects range from Biography shows for A&E Network including Beyonce' and Guns 'N' Roses, network promos and title designs for "Everest" on Discovery Channel, and several animated and live action commercials for the Children's Hospital of Denver. We also directed and produced a documentary feature about NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon called "24X24: Wide Open with Jeff Gordon" hosted by actor Patrick Dempsey with distribution by Lions Gate Films. 
!mpossible brings creative and execution to live action, post production or both. Our capabilities excel in live action directing and production either in film or HD. We also boast a full post production facility that includes two Discreet FLAME and SMOKE suites in HD, three Final Cut Pro HD suites with After Effects, and several platforms of SoftImage XSI and Maya for 3D animation. The key to the success of !mpossible Pictures lies not in its tools, but in its talented and creative staff . The creative is also equaled by a smooth production and post production process.
!mpossible Pictures directors and designers have won numerous EMMY's, Clios, Addys, Tellys, Promax, Broadcast Design Awards and even an Oscar. Our clients include Ford, McDonalds, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Dish Network, Universal Studios, Disney, Coors, National Geographic Channel and Pepsi. To learn more about !mpossible Pictures visit or call for a demo reel.
!mpossible Pictures


42 Productions

3340 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303-415-0808
Web Site:
Located in beautiful Boulder, CO; 42 Productions is the Region's ultimate answer for full-service film and video production and post. Boulder is the right place to be creative. Situated a short drive from downtown Denver, at the base of Colorado's front range, Boulder offers easy access to outdoor activities, fine restaurants, and an exceptional artistic community. 42's facility has been built to nurture the creative ideas of our clients and our staff. 
42 is uniquely capable of managing projects from inception through delivery. Whether you're used to producing in a DV environment, HD or 4K; virtual, tapeless, digital or celluloid; 42 Productions has the answers to all your production questions. Unlike the assembly line mentality found in many companies, 42's un-matched staff of professional artists takes great pride in every project that comes through our doors. We are Filmmakers, for Filmmakers; with a mission to deliver projects that meet or exceed Clients' expectations every time. We offer complete production packages as well as a la carte services to meet clients' specific needs. 42 Productions is your answer for Industrial and Corporate video; Commercial Spots; Narrative and Documentary production; Regional, National, and International; short, medium, and long format; Web, Broadcast, and Theatrical work. 
Pulse quickening names like HDCam, Maya, Smoke, Shake, Da Vinici, and RED, are the tools we use to create your vision. Our talent and ability to collaborate creatively, coupled with our state-of-the-art gear and remarkably reasonable pricing mean local producers and Ad Agencies no longer need to head for the Coast to find top-notch production talent. 
For those of you who like bullet points, a short list:
- Client/Producer centric environment. 
- Internal tapeless workflow
- In-house Cameras Include: Multiple DV and HD cameras, Arri 35III, (2) RED 4K cameras (early '08)
- In-house Decks: Cine Alta HDCam, DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCam, and DVCPro
- Other formats supported upon request
- Multiple Final Cut HD systems 
- Discrete Smoke HD 
- 3D Animation seats including Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Cinema 4D with in-house render farm 
- Region's only dedicated 2K color correction system and Colorist
- HD Theatre for up to 30 with Christie Digital Cinematic Projector
We value our clients' privacy and confidentiality. Take a look at our online reel at; you will get the idea. References are available upon request.


Aspen Productions

Liz Long
P.O. Box 8862
Aspen, CO 81612
Phone: 970-925-1031
Cell: 917-837-0508
Web Site:
CREDITS: Crossroads, Tool of North America, HSI, Aero Films, Hungry Man, Harvest Films,, Evian/The Guzman's, Rocawear/Mark Seliger, GQ Mag/Carter Smith, 
*Expert city and mountain mind sets merge to bring you all your production needs from the heart of Aspen. More than 25yrs of production experience in both NYC and Colorado. We've covered all job logistics and we're known for our resourceful contacts, spur of the moment solutions, and scrupulous attention to budget. Based in Aspen but covering the ENTIRE state of Colorado. Extensive location database/permits/scouting/managing/local production support/travel assistance including "production rates" at many Aspen hotels. 



2800 North Speer Boulevard
Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 303-455-5200
Fax: 303-455-5400
Web Site:
CPG is Colorado’s largest, full-service production company. We produce national, award-winning commercials, creative business media (marketing, communications, training), and TV programming. Trust our experienced creative team to bring your concept to life with superior storytelling and art direction. We shoot film, HD and standard def video. Clients: Yahoo!, Discovery Channel, Exempla Healthcare, Denver Art Museum, Travel Channel, National CineMedia and First Data. For more information, please visit our Web site at


Denali / Carmichael Photo

Bob Carmichael
1004 Arapahoe Ave
Studio One
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303 955.7065
Direct: 303-394-3456
Web Site:
Bob Carmichael is a director/cameraman with extensive experience in national commercial production, documentary production, corporate films and feature 2nd unit directing and cinematography. An Academy Award nominated and Emmy winning documentary director, Carmichael's web site will outline the areas of expertise he and Denali Production bring to projects. Visit: - A partial client commercial client list includes: Merrill Lynch, USMC, Ford, Cadillac, Sprite, Reebok and Disney World and Abbotts Labs. Carmichael specializes in extreme sports: climbing, automotive, conventional sports, snow and ice sports, marine shooting, and aerial photography. Carmichael has extensive international experience in production. He is also a professional still photographer. Doug Millington is the producer for Denali and he is a veteran Colorado producer. Service company requests are welcome.


Fueld Films

Scott Thomas
13275 E. Fremont Pl
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303-925-1034
Cell: 720-939-0428
Web Site:


i25productions, inc.

steve bowlby, mike evans, susie scott
Phone: 303-660-6499
Fax: 303-663-7313
Web Site:
Hungry? You will be. Sample the award-winning food photography on our website. 
i25productions offers comprehensive creative services, production and post for commercials, industrials/training and storytelling. For non-food customers, too! 
RECENT WORK: Bakers Square, Black-Eyed Pea, Taco John's, Perkins Restaurants, Village Inn. The Broadmoor, Cessna Aircraft, Compassion, ESPN, Holiday Inn, Mid-Continent Airport, NTN, Pencom International, Susan B. Allen Hospital, Wichita State UniversityIncite Films


Jim Elkin

2809 Champa Street
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-886-6231
Monty Miranda
Brendan Horan
Jim Elkin
Nationally Award Winning Film Production Company. Since 1992, Incite Films has produced highly successful campaigns for national and local clients including Starz, Tivo, McDonalds, Comcast, Qwest, Adelphia, WOW, Echostar, Colorado Lottery, Red Robin, The Examiner, and Hickenlooper for Mayor. Call for our latest demo reel.


Inferno Film Productions, LLC

Darlene Cypser
P.O. Box 696
Littleton, CO 80160-0696
Phone: 303-587-9792
Phone: 303-470-1011
Web Site:
DESCRIPTION: Motion picture production company and sales agent, producing action and adventure films in Colorado and representing all genres worldwide. 
Produced: Dragon and the Hawk (1999)
Sold Rights To: Frozen Stupid; The Ethereal Plane; The Awakening; Breaking & Entering; Oranges Revenge of the Eggplant; Kisses & Caroms; Terrarium; Blue Angels; The Inn; Dragon and the Hawk; Drawing Down the Moon; Path of the Ninja; and Hannah House in over 50 territories.


Light Factory

4949 Broadway
Suite #102B
Boulder, CO 80304
Phone: 303-668-4822
Phone: 720-253-7512
Web Site:
A full service production company
PRE-PRODUCTION:Development,Screenwriting,Logistics,Budgeting,Crew Assembly,Pre-Visualization
PRODUCTION: Full Crew or Hired Guns
3.5 Ton Grip Truck Package,300 amp Generator and Power Distro
35mm & 16mm Film
HD & SD Video
HMI,Tungsten & Kino Flo Lighting
POST-PRODUCTION:SD/HD,Editing,Compositing,Graphics, DVD Authoring,Compression
Our factory has been bringing visions to light since 2000.


Listen Productions



Manitou Motion Picture Co, Ltd.



Oneiric Films, LLC



Sharon Thomson

Direct: 720-540-6086
Fax: 720-540-3911
Web Site:
Think big. Move fast. Surpass expectations. Deliver results. That's our production philosophy in a nutshell. We've been making award-winning films and videos for clients coast-to-coast from our home base here in Denver for more than a decade. Whether you need a TV or radio spot, a promotional video or a long-format program, you can count on us for solid creative, well-written scripts, experienced professionals through every phase of production and post, and meticulous attention to detail. Call for our reel or visit our website for samples of our work.



Steve Williams - Managing Director
9800 Mount Pyramid Court
Suite 400
Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: 303-805-2219 x303
Phone: 877 805-2219 xtoll
Web Site:
SERVICES OFFERED: SONEW provides a full spectrum of production services for your film or video project from set arrangements to dub orders and everything in between. 
- Films and Television Commercials
- Corporate Videos
- Electronic Sales Tools
- Event Management, Tradeshows and Special Events
- Web Development 
- Multimedia Presentations
- Public Relations and Fundraising
- Lower Your Production Costs by 30 to 40 Percent
Source Media Arts


Michael Golden

600 Ogden Street
Denver, CO 80218
Cell: 303-887-2165
Phone: 303-837-8435
Web Site:
SERVICES: Source Media Arts has specialized in creative concept development for corporate and government clients since 1986. We are experienced communications consultants and producers of award-winning scripts, video productions and multimedia programs. Recent projects include top quality business presentations, live business meeting productions, product introductions, commercials, marketing, education and training materials. We are a full-service creative firm, including pre-production, production and post-production. See our website.


Stage One Productions, Inc.

John Arthur Neal
P.O. Box 201032
Denver, CO 80220-7032
Phone: 303-331-1727
Fax: 303-331-1729
Web Site:
John Arthur Neal is president of Stage One Productions, Inc., "Where Imagination Mingles with Matter." John wrote, directed and produced a short and two mid-length video-films and is seeking funds to make a feature-length motion picture entitled "Floater," a mystery. John has written six novels, a novelette and several screenplays. John established Stage One as the production company to make movies of his fiction.

The Remote Productions



Transtar Entertainment Company

Doug Hanes
Phone: 303-695-4207
Cell: 303-489-1450
Web Site:
Transtar Entertainment Company (TEC) is an independent feature film and television production company based in Denver, Colorado. TEC is owned by Transtar Productions, Inc., a film and video production company in business since 1982.
Transtar Entertainment Company operates three divisions: Our Feature Films Division develops and produces theatrical motion pictures for domestic and international distribution; Our Broadcast Division develops and produces original HD programming for broadcast television, cable and video-on-demand; And our Corporate and Commercial Division operates as a full-service film and video production company producing award-winning television commercials, sales and marketing programs, infomercials, safety and training videos, and international marketing programs.
For more information on TEC, go to


Warren Miller Entertainment

Jeffrey Moore
Phone: 303-253-6300
Web Site:
Warren Miller Entertainment is an award winning full-service production company based In Boulder, Colorado. The production facility is fully capable in all media from digital video to full resolution HD. Warren Miller Entertainment is currently producing productions for both broadcast and broadband including three prime time series: Epic Conditions for The Weather Channel, Wave Chasers for the Travel Channel and Destination Wild for Fox Sports Net. The company has also produced specials and series for TLC, Versus, Spike TV, and ESPN and worked on numerous high-profile commercial and corporate productions for brands like Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Subaru, Polo, HP, Ball Aerospace, Amstel, Grand Marnier, and Nike. 



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