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XITV is committed to protecting the privacy of its users under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

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 Any information you give us will be used exactly as stated. Any information you give will not be sold, rented, leased, traded, swapped, marketed, exchanged, bartered, or distributed in any way.

XITV makes a small use of cookies on some its websites, such as Vie de Elegance secure shopping pages. Any information data in a cookie is anonymous and is not related to you personally.

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XITV only allows our advertisers to talk "Cookie Talk" with viewer visitors' browsers so as to allow advertisers 
to better select good useful services and products for our viewers, instead of all those stupid "Shoot The Duck!" 
and "You Win" useless garbage ads. We know that XITV viewers are savvy, intercultural, and internationally 
minded people, who appreciate seeing ads from Companies they know and Brands they can rely on. 

XITV makes a very specific effort to allow only the best full service A1 AM Best type companies offering quality useful 
products and services, for every viewer, in every country. XITV brings our viewers only the finest and highest quality 
advertisers from around the planet! Shop XITV ads with confidence, and most of all . . . Enjoy!

We are gathering up all the nudity sex novelty videos and taking them off the "Open To All" network, and moving them to XITV 41, which will soon be "Registered Viewers Only". 

Do keep in mind that we always wish to know if a viewer thinks one of our "XITV Novelty Video Punchline!" video links or one of our "XITV Fantasy Search Party!" humor links are offensive or just way too out there. Let us know and we will modify that video link or search link, asap! Just send an email to:

I am Dr. XI Lee. XITV is my network. And it is my wish for every one from every where, to meet and get to know, every one from every where else!

Remember That Every One Is Different . . . So Hang On To Your Joy Stick!  

And Enjoy!




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